Tuesday, March 6

Sportsmen Vote!

Wildfowl Magazine has created a new website that provides information on the state and federal issues that impact sportsmen and sportswomen in the United States.

Found at http://www.sportsmenvote.com/, this site reviews the Hot Button issues, such as Clean Water and Concealed Carry, as well as providing information on the stances of the current crop of presidential candidates. This site provides an excellent overview of the major issues that impact us, but we must take the next step and get involved with local, state and federal elected officials.

As we look to the next fishing and hunting season, I look to the future of my children's outdoor landscape and the promise that it will hold.  For me, being active now on the outdoor issues helps provide that my young conservationists follow in my footsteps and enjoy the bounty in the Bay and sow the seeds in the dove field.

Sportsmen Vote! is a forward thinking initiative which allows my comdrades with arms to act on issues important to them and those who take up the mantle when they finally put that A-5 to rest.


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