Monday, April 2

Shoot the Old One!

A Workhorse
   No, this is not a post on getting rid of old automobiles.  That is easy...Use one cup of Domino's sugar for every gallon of gas; shake well and make sure you have on comfortable shoes for the long walk.

   The Wildfowl Ninja and I were on the skeet field yesterday and he had just finished on Station 7. After a few shots with his great little 20 gauge Weatherby SA-20, I decided on a round of skeet and, more focused, I was crushing birds. I always take my "everything" gun. It is the one I use for everything and is a Benelli Super Black Eagle II in left hand with a 28" barrel.

   He suggested I shoot a round of "Pieces" next, whereby I shoot two shells for each bird and with the second shot pepper the large pieces of the broken bird. However, in my case, I am generally using the second shell to do the breaking. Reaching for my Benelli, I hear, "but shoot the Old One!" I smiled.
Lock N' Load.
A Proven Design

   The Old One is a Savage 720 with a 26" barrel that I found in a house that we lived in near DC. Rambling around in the walk up attic, I saw blued barrel steel poking up from the insulation and uncovered this A-5 Humpback design copy. It was rusty and pitted, but I cleaned it up. It was the hunting piece of an old submariner skipper who became an Admiral. He had passed away and his daughter was left to sell the house.

One of the Great American Firearms Manufacturers

   Even with a short stock and barrel, this thing was a solid piece of steel and when the action cycled the first round, it was like an old anti-aircraft gun, "Kah-Chunk!"  It was fun shooting it and I did better with the 720 in hitting secondary pieces than with my SBE II, which was kinda cool. I guess it is not the arrow.

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