Sunday, March 4

The Way of the Wildfowl Ninja

  The Wildfowl Ninja continues his training with recent exploits in the classroom. He passed Maryland Hunter Safety Course yesterday.  Here he fashions new blaze orange that was a gift to commemorate his passing the course.

The Wildfowl Ninja says "Safety First"

  Having also completed 4H Shotgun Safety Training,  he is gaining the fundamentals of becoming a responsible sportsman.

  We spent another Sunday afternoon today on the skeet range and he is progressing well in his ability to feel confident with his shotgun and he is working on his mount and swing. The first time out, we spent our time shooting the low house on Station 7, but he is now making his way around to the other stations, though I have been holding off on having him shoot doubles. 

  One Bird, One Shell.  

  Last week at Station 7, he turned to me and asked if he could load two shells.  I nodded and he asked for a high and then a low, basically what is known as a report pair (where he calls for the first target and I release the second when he pulls the trigger)

  He crushed the high house close to the mid field stake and acquired the low and snapped the trigger. The sky was momentarily clouded with a fine ash as the wad arched softly to the ground.  He turned and I saw it on his face: that mix of satisfaction and confidence that comes from applying what classroom and field work into a disintegrating achievement.  

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