Saturday, March 3

Muskrat Love

  Last Saturday, I attended the The National Outdoor Show held in Church Creek, Maryland. It is an annual event and showcases the outdoor activities of Dorchester County. There are duck, goose and turkey calling competitions; field dog demonstrations; muskrat skinning competitions, as well as local vendors selling crafts and outdoor items. There was also oyster shucking and seafood cooking demonstrations, as well as local cuisine, including muskrat. I found the muskrat to be good, but it was prepared for hundreds and I am sure there is a way to take some of the gaminess out of it. The muskrat skinning demo did elicit some cringing looks from those near the stage, as in evidence below
Muskrat Skinning Demonstration

  Although I am not completely clear on it, there is a '"sister" festival in Cameron Parish, Louisiana which is south of Lake Charles.  The two shows crown Little Miss and Little Mr. Outdoors, as well as Miss Outdoors.  Miss Outdoors (Dorchester County) is the honored guest of the Louisiana show and vice versa. A fun highlight after the pageant was all the contestants throwing beads to those in the auditorium. People love beads, but I  came up short.
Laissez Les Bon Temp Rouler !!!

  While we had seen ads for the show in the local paper every year, we had never attended.  I was glad that I went to experience it. All in attendance were in great spirits and the locals welcomed all. There was no division among local and visitors.

 We enjoyed sharing in the fun in a rural region of Maryland nestled among the marshes of the Blackwater Refuge; a beautiful area steeped in outdoor tradition.

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