Saturday, January 7

2011: The Year I Went Green

It came to me as I was rummaging through my gear in the mancave.  Why not recycle some of my old gear? I can go green, or rather get “green” for gear collected and rarely used.

In an earlier stage of my life, I worked as the Production and Technology Manager for a boutique chemical company.  This job allowed me to explore my creative side as I worked side by side with a dear friend. I was in the back making the product; he was up front marketing it to firearms manufacturers, wholesalers and the local gun shop. It was known as Tetra Gun and it worked well enough for quality manufacturers like Walther, Steyr and Para Ordnance to use it in building their firearms.

A side benefit of making so many contacts in the outdoor industry, through hard work and trade shows like the  SHOT (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade) Show, was that we received good  discounts on products. I collected knives at the time and was able to expand my collection, as I was a bachelor and had more disposable income.

In an old wood liquor case, in a small duffle bag in the corner of the mancave, I discovered this trove of cutlery.  Culling the blades and determining which I would keep, I went through deliberations as to what I should keep and why. I finally took the plunge and jumped on the eBay train in early 2010.  Interestingly, eBay was founded by a guy who was a year behind me in high school. Hats of to Pierre, as he devised a great way for get people together to sell goods.

For the year ending 2011, I was able to sell enough cutlery to buy a new bicycle (to replace my 20 year old Specialized mountain bike) and a new shotgun for my son and in doing so cleaned up a small area of the basement.  

It was a fine trade.  The time it took to wordsmith product details, ship and manage the account in exchange for years of cranking away on my bike and watching the Weatherby shuck hulls as he gains knowledge and experience. My time for his wisdom gained.  I will make that trade any day.

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