Friday, December 30

Wildfowl Ninja

Always Alert...

The cedar covered blind is his dojo, as he speaks in hushed tones and listens in reverence to the camo clad occupants. He knows that he is the there to learn from the Sensei ShadowGrass, as well as Master Max-4. They deliver nuggets of wisdom on the caloric value of Slim Jim's versus beef jerky. His young mind digests and stores the sage conversations on decoy placement, steel and non-toxic ballistic attributes, and what kind of shotgun Wile E. Coyote would prefer (Acme Accelerator 12 gauge, no doubt)

Above all, he is a patient, considerate apprentice.  Happy to set up dekes, pour hot chocolate and remain statue-still, he is a good sport and I am delighted that he sits next to me.

Once he completes hunter safety and can bring his Weatherby 20 gauge Christmas present onto the field, I know that the inclusion of his 20 gauge round interspersing with other shot going downrange will add another layer of understanding to his inquisitive mind.

When he shoulders the Weatherby, he will have a laser like focus on the bird (not the barrel)

He is the Wildfowl Ninja (in training)

Not content to complete a two dimensional blind placement drawing, the Wildfowl Ninja goes 3-D.
Note: according to him, the turkey leg is a “snack”. He knows my culinary proclivities well.

Turkey Legs for the Long Haul


LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

I like Wildlife Ninja's kind of snacks! Happy new Years and I can't wait until I hear about Ninja's first day afield with his 20 ga!

Main Line Sportsman said...

I hunt geese and ducks with my son and so this post really resonated with me...well done

Terry Scoville said...

I love the Eastern approach on both aspects and look forward to the inclusion of this Ninja and his 20 Ga. sswinging on our winged friends, Best of luck and I hope he drops a banded one!

Terry Scoville said...

I loved the Ninja's focus and attention to detail about the "set-up". Anticipation is such a wonderful part of this experience we call hunting. How about the Ninja dropping a banded fowl on his first day out, , , dreams do come true. Here's to dreams and the stories that follow them.

Terry Scoville said...
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