Sunday, December 25

Sleigh Kebab!!

Santa got run over by a…F-104 Starfighter?!

psst, NORAD...tracking Santa a little close, eh?

I have to give it to the guy..With your main prop being a F-104 Starfighter, the coolness factor was pretty high.  Like any boy-man, I have a long fascination with jets and anything that goes supersonic (added bonus for 20MM Vulcan cannon)

However, when I took in the whole scene, my initial glee turned to concern over the mental health of the creators of this Christmas menagerie, which I will title “Sleigh Kebab”  (alternate title suggestions welcome)

Quite a Happy Scene

There is some tongue in cheek and I get that, but this is also on the main thoroughfare between two towns and am sure that it was a good conversation starter.  “Will we still have Christmas?...Does Santa have another sleigh?..Will Rudolf be ok?”, wide-eyed little Timmy asks  from the back of the minivan, as his parents accelerate past the holiday mayhem and change the subject to cleaning up the pile of discarded cheddar Goldfish at his feet.  
Peppered with over 4,800 questions a day, I am sure those in the front seat would rather not tackle why Rudolf is getting sucked into a General Electric J79 turbojet engine capable of Mach 1.8 on afterburner (sorry for the geek specs)
Considering that they could afford to have a jet moved onto their property, I hope that they put as much effort into providing for those in need as providing a grim view of their Christmas vision. Be safe in the knowledge that Rudolf made it out ok.

Capt. Claus got a new ride.

I heard the afterburner kick in around midnight.

Merry Christmas from Eastern Shore Outdoors!!

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LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

That is awesome! I had to show Rambob this since he is retired Air Force. I can only imagine the explainations those poor parents are trying to come up with when they drive by. Oh my