Sunday, February 19

The Wildfowl Ninja Hones His Craft

Wildfowl Ninja in Training

As the barrel heated up on his Weatherby SA-08 20 gauge shotgun, the Wildfowl Ninja looked down to see the yellow hull stove piped in the action.

  "Looks like you need to keep that tight on your shoulder",  I commented and he nodded in knowing agreement. Clearing the action, he went on to obliterate the high house target on Station 7 on the skeet field. "First time I have ever done that", he said as he smiled.  And it won't be the last, I thought completing the sentence in my head.

  It was a good outing, as his confidence with the shotgun continues to increase.  His mount and swing gets more natural, but his eye for safety remains vigilant. A good student, he is (channeling Yoda here)

  We finished on the patterning board, as I wanted to find the Point of Impact. The White Flyer got the business end of the barrel in this short clip.  The lessons continue in the dojo we walk into whenever we walk out the door....

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Love sharing the passion of shooting sports with others. Thanks for sharing it. Keep reporting the progress.

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