Tuesday, February 19

The New Camera

#2 Hevi Shot from an Early Season Goose (Macro image)

  By my estimation, I took ten to twenty thousand pictures with my Olympus C-750 and after ten years, I knew it was getting older. Colors were a little off and the internal parts sounded tired when focusing.

'"360" Light trails from boat in time lapse as Moon sets

   My new camera, a Lumix FZ-200, was an unexpected birthday present from those who are so very dear to me.

   Here are some images (a favorite of mine is the last one).

   As with all artistic pursuits, constructive criticism only make me become more adept at my craft. I welcome all comments...

Reflecting on the Next Catch

Miles River Bridge before Sunrise

Morning Mist (High Dynamic Range image)

Muscle Car Merry Christmas

Old Glory Salutes the Silent Sentinel

RG3 Warms Up Before Viking Game

A View to a Kill

Lone Oak

Sleepy Hollow (High Dynamic Range image)


Misty Morning under Miles River Bridge


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