Saturday, December 22

Grilled Goose Breast Extravaganza

 With six fresh goose breasts bathing in saltwater brine at home, I had the perfect opportunity to get the recipe for cooking a goose breast.  We were at a lovely Santa lunch with the Wildfowl Ninja and his sister (moniker to follow) and I saw a friend who is a trained culinary mystic and wildfowl afficionado.

  "So", I started, as I cornered him at a table ready to take another bite of his lunch. In retrospect, this was a dastardly move on my part, but frankly, I needed the goods, as I heard so many people referring to goose as  a third rate meal, akin to olive loaf.

  "The Wildfowl Ninja limited out yesterday and he helped with breasting them, which was easier than I had thought", I rambled as he eyed some french fries. "They are in brine, so how should I cook them?", I asked.

  "Cook them like a steak; if they are plump, butterfly them. Use a little salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and cook them medium rare. They are so lean that they will dry fast", he replied nonchalantly.

  With the grill pumping out mesquite smoke, I grilled per instructions and the result was worth every bit of the efffort.  Moist and pink in the center, there was a nice olfactory detonation of garlic and mesquite filling the air.

Mesquite Smoked Dry Rub Goose Breast...Medium Awesome!!

  In talking with my brother last night, I related that we worked on many tasks to bring these geese to table.

  We built the blind; setup the decoy spread; called them in; took them home and breasted them; cleaned and cooked them.  "Yes, but you did not build the fire", he said to me.  True, and we did not make the shells or their delivery system.  I have so much to learn and I relish every minute of it.

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