Monday, October 31

Opening Day Goose Season - 2010 (was in draft and never posted..out of Chronological order)

Date:  11-20-10
Where: Near Claiborne, Maryland
Who: CP and JLP
Area Hunted: Field of cut soybeans, with grass growing. It was a late cut of the field

Harvested: 2 geese
Weather: Mid 50's, sunny, high clouds, full moon
Time of Day: 15:00-17:30
Gun:  Benelli Super Black Eagle II
Choke: Carlson Extended Super Steel Mid Range
Ammo: Hevi-Shot 3"/ #2 /12 GA
Decoy: Dozen magnum shells and 18 silhouettes
Wind: 0-5 MPH from NNW
Clothes: Bean Boots, thick cotton socks, Patagonia thermal, Browning Shadow Grass shirt, duck pants, Drake boonie; Parka (but did not wear)
Personal Comfort: very comfortable, feet warm
Left Behind: goose flag; more powerful flashlight (Princeton Tec); consider bringing Powerbelt for ammo, as it is always there. Bring pruning clippers for blind brushing and clearing "view holes".  
What I learned: Focus on the eye of one bird, swing through the head and yank.  I was looking at the body and missing.  Take your time and wait til they are closer; there is enough time. They are slower than clays. Deliberate Action.  If there is a cripple, wait til the shooting stops and let everyone know you are going after it. Unload your gun and high tail it. Load a slapper round (#6) and aim above the head. Consider trimming some branches in front of blind to see better.
Calling:  Eastern Shoreman. I was rusty and needed to practice, but had a few good calls. Lost insert of Dad's old wooden goose call while hightailing after wounded goose.
Decoy Pattern: Long C with X at blind

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